Why Use Solar Power

Chances are, you are already using solar power in a variety of forms. It is the primary fuel source in the creation of food, fresh water, petroleum, and wood. The question we propose is “why use solar energy to power your homes”? Is it realistic for generating useful heat and electricity?

The answers to this question are simple. There is no other source of energy on the planet more reliable than solar power. When is the last time you woke up in the morning and there was no Sun?

Last we checked the government can’t tax it, and there is no pollution or greenhouse effect. And solar energy needs no refinement, it’s ready to go. Like a gift from heaven, perhaps nothing more perfect than pure solar energy.

So what if your photovoltaic system is only 12% efficient, or your solar collectors absorb only 70% of the available heat? The truth is, your energy source is free! No gas stations, no utility bills, no black-outs, and no ups and downs with the economy. Once you’ve placed your solar energy system in service, there are no recurring fuel costs. All that could take you down would be a volcanic cloud or weeks of unstoppable rain.

Selecting the right solar energy system for your home can be challenging at the start. What are the best choices for your location? What should we consider when sizing the equipment? Is solar energy really right for me? Here are a few answers to guide the way.

People who live in locations with a regular pattern of sun, absolutely you should use solar energy. You could be saving money and helping the environment all in one.

For our fair weather friends in the North and on the coast, the decision is more involved. Solar energy, truthfully, many not be right for you. There just simply isn’t enough solar radiation to put to good use. Do not give up hope, though, there is always hydro and always wood.

The most simple and cost effective solar energy systems are designed for acquiring heat. They can be used for making hot water, storing thermal energy, among many other things. If your have cool Winters and lots of sun then you are a particularly good candidate for using passive solar heat.

Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy refers to making electricity directly from the Sun. These special panels will take in radiation and produce steady DC electricity. Whether you could be making PV energy just depends on the circumstances of your situation.

PV panels will pay themselves off if you are an efficient user of electricity. The actual time period of payback, however, depends on your exact circumstances and your region’s local rate of electricity. Some calculation may have to be performed.

If you are far away from the electrical grid and building a new home, then solar power is easy to justify. You can save money by avoiding expensive transmission cables routed to your property.

There is one more possibility with solar energy – emergency reserve capability. If you were ever involved in a natural disaster, then how great would it be to generate your own heat and electricity? Simply turn on your inverter system and ride it through.

The truth is, mankind is making good progress with solar energy technology. By engaging in independent and gridless energy systems, we can save a little money, help improve our environment, and set a good example for our kids. It is not such a bad idea to simplify our existence.