What is Solar Energy?

The Sun can be thought of as a giant nuclear furnace stationed in the sky. It is a tremendous source of solar energy, cranking out massive amounts of radiation each and every day.

The term solar energy is used to describe electromagnetic radiation released by the sun. This radiation is extremely important to the Earths biosphere, and is the source of our existence. It is the catalyst for life as we know it on our planet.

This electromagnetic radiation, also referred to as light waves, includes an entire spectrum of different wavelengths. X-rays are some of the shortest light waves, where as radio waves are some of the longest. Solar energy falls in between, composed mostly of infrared waves, waves (colors) visible to the human eye, and ultraviolet waves. Life on Earth has heavily adapted toward these wavelengths that we receive.

Solar energy plays a primary role in all biological and thermal interactions on the Earth. With the presence of carbon dioxide, water, and solar energy, plants are able to produce energy through a process called Photosynthesis.

The Earths natural landscapes, they absorb solar energy and produce heat. It is the heat absorbed by mountains and plains that create local wind patterns. It is the heat absorbed by the oceans that creates the famous currents. Solar energy is responsible for thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. It melts the mountain snows which form many of our rivers.

Solar energy is the catalyst for almost everything that occurs on Earth. It is as though the Earth has its own power plant, a giant Nuclear Fusion Reactor in outer space. It is a good thing too, because without it we would all be screwed.

Imagine if the Sun suddenly burned out, which scientists predict will happen someday. It is a reminder of the delicate balance to our existence, that Mother Nature will always hold the trump card to human prosperity. We should offer thanks for each and every day that we are blessed with the Sun.

So if theres one thing for sure, as long as solar energy is here humans will be here. Solar energy is responsible for almost everything that surrounds us, in every form.

So if theres one thing for sure, its that solar energy is here to stay. We are solar energy, its the reason we can see, and reason we can eat. It is embedded in virtually everything that surrounds us. When the Sun goes, we will go with it.

We are entering a new age of energy generation for fulfilling our daily needs. We believe modern civilization has only just begun with these new age energies. Reaping the benefits of solar power and solar heat is in its infancy.

With all the choices on the market its hard to know exactly where to start. What kind of benefits can be obtained by harnessing solar energy? How practical is it, and how much money can be saved in the long run? The truth is, in utilizing solar energy everybody will have a different idea and different purpose. Its best to begin with a discussion of the various technologies and their rewards, and allow the reader to form his own concepts for moving forward.

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