Twin Tracking Solar Panel Mounting System

Below is an illustration of a simple and cost effective mechanism that will greatly improve the performance of a solar power electricity system. This mechanism is called the Twin Tracker, and is for mounting a pair of solar panels part of a small residential solar power application. The solar panels are mounted on a ground based structure that can be designed by the user, field installed from the provided blueprint, or pre-fabricated in a shop.

The ground based structure is advantageous over a roof top installation for the solar panels. There are three principal benefits to mounting solar panels on the ground based structure, and with the one axis tracking system.

1) Cooler operating temperatures during the Summer months, as there is no roof behind the solar panels absorbing extra heat. Solar panels produce more power at cooler operating temperatures in addition to the reduced wear and tear from less thermal expansions.

2) Manual adjustability of the tilt angle. The solar panels can be re-aimed to match the most favorable operating angle for each particular season. This, in itself, provides a performance enhancement of up to 20% more electrical generation.

3) Ease of maintenance. Cleaning the solar panels is no problem, since they are on the ground and within reach. This can be particularly useful in locations that receive regular amounts of snow. Simply brush the panels off when needed, or pitch them to a steeper angle to prevent accumulation.

Once the decision is made to install solar power electricity at one’s home, ranch, or small business, one must also decide how to mount the solar panels. The manually adjustable one axis tracking system shown here provides several strategic benefits. The Twin Tracker is available as an inexpensive and easy to install pre-manufactured parts kit, all designed and manufactured from quality materials in the United States. The ground based structure can be of any design by the end user, however the A-frame shown can easily be prefabricated or field constructed from the provided blueprint.

solar panel mountsolar panel mountsolar panel mount

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Allan Wong January 23, 2010 at 8:00 am

Hello, I am interested in your solar panel mounting system. Do you have distributors in Canada? We are interested for a pilot solar farm in Peterborough ON, Canada.
Do you have specifications (ie what size panel will fit) and pricing for these mounts? Are instructions provided on how to assemble and mount to ground?

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