Ringing in the New Age of Energy Independence

by admin on December 19, 2009

The United States of America is in need of a more independence minded approach to how we supply our nation’s energy needs. One can’t help but wonder with the state of affairs today, if much of our foreign policy relates to our dependence on foreign sources of energy and resources. Has sustaining this foreign policy contributed to our enormous national deficit, inflated military budget with bases stationed throughout the world, and our perpetually high rates of taxation? We can’t help but have a sneaky suspicion.

The big issue facing us, then, is how do we as a nation re-establish energy independence? Energy independence means conserving more, becoming more efficient, and tapping free energy sources such as solar power, wind turbines, and other alternative energy systems. It means taking another look at nuclear power, and continuing to push the limits of our modern combustion systems. It also means exploring new technologies such as deep well geothermal, extracting fuels from shale, and continuing research & development with our most advanced topics such as nuclear fusion.

On a national level, energy independence will help simplify our foreign relations, equalize our foreign trade deficits, and make us less susceptible to conflicts abroad. It would also be a strategic contributor to the re-organization and re-establishment of a robust and creative American economy.

On a personal level, energy independence means an increased sense of self security, and a more modern and efficient way to subsist on the Earth. This could mean solar power, wind turbines, and biofuels incorporated into our homes, ranches, and small businesses. It also means the start to a new age of energy subsistence that would help benefit future generations, and minimize the intrusion of government regulations and taxation schemes into our personal lives.

Energy independence is started through people asking questions and taking the initiative one by one. If one is planning the construction of a new home, is there a way to incorporate the most modern designs and efficiencies without much extra cost? Study the environment around, are there significant sources of timber for a wood burning stove? Is there enough Sun for a solar power electricity or a solar thermal storage bank? Are their steady wind currents that could power the blades of a modern wind turbine system?

The day has come for us to reconsider America’s path, in how we make and use energy, and how this relates to the plague of conflicts that engulfs us today. By promoting more conservative and efficient lifestyles, and involving ourselves more in solar power, wind power, and alternative energy systems we can help propel the nation on a path to independence. On a national level, we can employ the most efficient modern combustion technologies, and look into other potential domestic sources of energy. These actions will help stimulate re-investment into our economy, and lessen the impact of worldwide events on our nation’s finances and internal security.

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