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Why solar power, wind power, and alternative energy? The simple answer is that the more we can depend on ourselves for energy production, then the better off we will be. There’s much to be gained by getting back to basics.

Truth be told, within the last hundred years the world has become an amazingly complex place. With such inventions as combustion engines, aviation, computers, and wireless communication the speed by which we conduct our lives has grown at an incredible pace. To put it simply, human civilization is moving at speeds and consuming energy like never before. With this has come many technological advancements as civilization plows ahead into the 21st century. But it also brings the perils of a society riddled with constant change, with an ever increasing set of rules and regulations, and with which one must carefully analyze from one week to the next to fully understand events taking place.

For better or worse we are heavily dependant on electricity, combustion, and energy in general to conduct our daily lives. The vast proportions of the populace now lives in large cities, and many of us commute significant distances on a daily basis. Population has increased significantly, and naturally with it has come the burdens of increased laws and regulations, increased pressure on our resources, significant taxation, and a more complex method of governance that had never been previously required in the history of civilization. At some point we must all wonder, “what the heck is going on?”. Things are a far cry from the days of yore when life was all about survival and maintaining a basic quality of life.

So back to the original question – why solar power, wind power, and alternative energy? Why are we here promoting the ideas of energy independence?

To put it simply, it is because we care. We care about the republic, we care about the prosperity of our fellow countrymen, we care about the planet, and we care about living a comfortable and secure life with our families. As complex as our lives have become, and subject to the perpetual ups and downs of the swinging economies, more and more it highlights the idea that perhaps it’s time to get back to basics. And with the basics means taking another look at solar power, wind power, and alternative energy. These energies are there for the taking, and so on a small scale within our personal lives why not use them? Just as we can all be growing our own food, so too we can be making our own energy.

Our goal is to speak truthfully, knowledgably, and from experience as much as possible. Having pinned our ears to the market these last many years it is troubling the amount of misinformation out there, and the way the media spins important topics on a regular basis. More and more we seem to be under the influence of politicians pushing rules and regulations without having fundamental understandings of the dynamics of what they are speaking. We hope to debunk some of these myths.

And so the time has come for to re-establish the country from the grass roots. Thomas Jefferson proclaimed that the core American ideals and principals lied within the farmers, the independently minded entrepreneurs and workers of the Earth. We agree, by reverting back to principals of self sustainability we will also be resurrecting the core principals of the republic. Re-learning methods of self sustenance will strengthen the country from within. The more we can depend on ourselves, then the less we will be subjects of large corporations, foreign oil sources, and proponents of the global economy.

To this end this website is devoted to the truth behind human energy, how to gain energy independence, and how this applies to our lives as Americans striving to maintain a free society. Solar power, wind power, and alternative energy are three genuine topics with which we can do this. Since electricity, technology, and the modern standard of living are likely here to stay, then the time is here to usher in a new age of prosperity and energy independence.

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